What it is like to date in your 50s

As the divorce rate is very high in western countries these days, there are many newly single older individuals looking for love. In reality, the current dating landscape is dramatically different from the dating department that they knew in their 20s. So, what is dating in 50s like now?

  • How the dating landscape has changed:

A few decades ago, most people met their partners through their social circle, work, family, friends or striking up a conversation with a stranger in a café. 

But nowadays, meeting someone through social circle, work, friends, family or neighbors is not very common. These days, it’s almost impossible to strike up a conversation with a stranger in a public venue.

That’s why online dating has been invented. In this era, internet dating is the primary way for singles to find love, if not the only way.

So, dating in your 50s means joining a dating website that is reliable and trustworthy.  

You may need to invest in some good advice about how to create a high-quality online dating profile. You can read our blog posts regarding how to make online dating work for you!

dating in 50s
  • More and more people in their 50s are single now.

Because people live longer now and a lot of individuals never get married, an increasing number of people in their 50s are single in this day and age.

Statistics show that there are many more single women than single men in their 50s. Reasons include: 1) It’s easier for men to marry younger women; 2) many single women in their 50s don’t want to look after older men and they enjoy their independence very much.

Research indicates that at least 33% of people in their 50s are single. In today’s day and age, significantly longer lifespan means single people in their 50s have years ahead of them to form new romantic relationships!

  • The relationship between age and dating:

A study suggests that couples who met each other in their 20s are more likely to stay together for a longer period of time than those who met each other after 35 years old, because if you meet your partner in your 20s, you can mold yourself together and form the same habits together, but after 35 years of age, your personality has basically been shaped already – that’s why it’s harder to meld with another person, especially if you are older.

Experts point out that women tend to have friends to lean on for social and emotional support & most women are better at housework and cooking. In contrast, men are more likely to depend more on their spouses for emotional support as well as social support. What’s more, most men rely on their partners in terms of cooking & housework!

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“Are you in your 50s and still dating? What’s your experience like? Please write a comment below and let us know!”