What is the Top Deal Breaker for Slavic Women?

Slavic women are very honest women because they highly value honesty and they don’t play games with men. Also, they have traditional values, so they respect men. Based on the qualities of Slavic women, we have summarized the following top deal breakers for them so that you will know what to avoid.

Deal Breaker 1: Lies

If the lady that you would like to date notices that you lie to her when you don’t have a reason to, she won’t trust you. Compulsive liars possibly have a mental illness that should be dealt with before they start to date Slavic ladies.

Remember: honesty is always the best policy; honesty is always appreciated deeply by Slavic women.

Deal Breaker 2: Weak men

Do you have strong principles that you definitely stick to? Are you able to stand for the lady you are in love with? Can you be her rock when she is vulnerable and needs your protection?

Men without a backbone would embarrass Slavic ladies.

Deal Breaker 3: Argumentative men

A lot of men are argumentative because they are opinionated. Research shows that this is especially true amongst men above a certain age because many mature men have already developed their own world view and it’s harder for them to change the way they look at things and explain things. Hopefully, you are not one of them!

If you often want to convince everybody else that you are absolutely right and they are totally wrong, you have probably been in a competitive mood for far too long. It’s time to get out of that competitive frame of mind that a large number of men are in, and get into a new mode that will help you become more open-minded.  

Deal Breaker 4: Abuse

Never abuse women. Abusive men are not uncommon: Many women that I know have been physically or emotionally abused by men, unfortunately.

Slavic women don’t take men’s abuse.

Deal Breaker 5: A selfish attitude

Some men only have their own interests in mind before they do anything. Interestingly, selfish lovers often end up alone because their partners would eventually leave them. A sustainable relationship has to be a win-win situation for both people!

Deal Breaker 6: Addictions

Do you know why so many Ukrainian women want to marry foreign men? Well, a major study shows that a lot of Ukrainian men have addictions such as alcohol and drugs, so Ukrainian ladies prefer foreign men.

Deal Breaker 7: Constantly flirting with other women

If you have wandering eyes and tend to flirt with every woman that you meet, this could be a deal breaker for Slavic ladies because Slavic women are very loyal people – loyalty is important to them.

Deal Breaker 8: Control Freak

A man with a domineering and irate attitude that needs to control the people around him is not appealing. Slavic women prefer not to be with control freaks.

Deal Breaker 9: Terrible hygiene

If you are dirty or ungroomed, no woman will want to get to know you. Full stop.

Note that your bad breath will put women off! Therefore, you must brush your teeth, have a shower and change your clothes every day!

Okay. These are the top deal breakers for Slavic women. I hope this blog post gives you some dating insight and relationships. Remember to stop by our other helpful blog posts on international dating. Register on Ukraine Brides Agency today, and who knows – your true love could be just a click away!