The honest facts from an honest Ukrainian dating site

We are an honest Ukrainian dating site, so we are here to share the truth about dating and relationships with you today.

  • On the spark:

There is a difference between liking someone and respecting someone. Losing respect is a precursor to losing attraction. 

An effective way to bring the spark back to a relationship is to be unpredictable in your actions – you can grow and evolve in an interesting direction, stay curious, improve in exciting ways and take risks.

Do you have a secret garden you nurture that makes other people endlessly curious and where you can escape to for a sense of separateness from your partner and mystery? Distance creates desire! Look for the parts of life where you can dive into your own secret garden. A passion, a destination, a new goal, an exciting project, a different style, a new way of being… These are the things that make you exciting to someone in the long run because you are always growing in fascinating ways.

Those who are the best at dating are open to opportunities on this honest Ukrainian dating site and what could happen, instead of being dogmatic and saying, “I can’t do a relationship right now” and shutting themselves off to love…

Comfort will get you liked; respect will get you attraction.

Four stages of rewarding dating: 1) Chemistry is real. 2) Emotional connection is authentic. 3) This person wants you and treats you with respect. 4) This person invests in you and loves you the way you need to be loved.

Don’t control other people. Focus on what you can do to fill your own cup and practise self-love without needing the validation of others.

Five pillars of a relationship: 1) admiration; 2) chemistry; 3) connection; 4) commitment; 5) compatibility. Do you have compatible values?

Going for long-term respect over short-term intimacy is so much more powerful.

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  • On self-awareness:

While dating, you have to be self-aware about your needs and be fearless in communicating those needs, instead of pretending everything is okay while hiding your concerns. The sooner you communicate your needs, the sooner you find out whether you are with someone who can fulfil them, as long as those needs are reasonable in the first place.

The quickest way to lose someone’s attraction is to not show you are willing to walk away.

Be honest with yourself: What is one dating habit that either sabotages you or makes you miserable in dating and relationships? (e.g., waiting for a text back, getting jealous, fearing rejection, etc.) What would the most confident version of you do instead in the future?

Raise your standards. Don’t be afraid to call your partner out when they don’t meet your standards. We know that handling anxiety while dating is hard, but a healthy relationship is rewarding.

When you put someone on a pedestal, you are often giving someone qualities that don’t really exist. You need to see the reality of people rather than your fantasy version. Everyone has flaws.

You can’t change who a person is. A person can change themselves, but not because you want them to. However, what you can do is to influence a person to want to be their best self around you.

An individual can reach their highest potential or be the most mediocre version of themselves depending on what inspires them.

In order to attract extraordinarily, you have to be extraordinary. It’s time to invest in yourself! For more tips, be sure to have a look at our comprehensive dating advice that will help you find your truest and purest match.

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