Red Flags in Dating and Date Night Ideas in Era of Online Dating

In this online dating era, people are able to find dates quickly on the Internet. In order to help you find true love, we have summarized a range of dating red flags and we’ll recommend some date night ideas to you.

  • There are four dating red flags to be aware of:

Many people ignore red flags simply because Chemistry has a capital C. Don Draper famously said, “People will show you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.” Well, it’s time to listen to Don’s advice and be aware of the following dating red flags!

Red Flag 1: This person wants to borrow money from you.

You are dating someone attractive. Because that person knows you are in love, they ask if you can lend them some money. This is the biggest red flag because chances are you are dating a scammer. Or at least it may suggest that this person will not look after you in the future.

Red Flag 2: This person has a lot of negative comments on their ex.

If someone hates their ex, it’s actually a red flag. A mature person wouldn’t hate their ex because ‘hate’ is a very strong word (e.g., “I hate Nazis, but I don’t hate my ex even though she bothers me, because I’m an adult,” says Henry Francis from Mad Men). Therefore, if someone has many negative comments on their ex, it means this is not a mature person. What a huge red flag!

Red Flag 3: This person is not investing in you.

Remember this principle: invest and test. That means if you like someone, you can invest a bit in them and observe their response. If that person begins to invest in you as well, it’s a good sign. Otherwise, it’s a red flag. 

Red Flag 4: This person treats the waiter/waitress badly.

When you are sitting in a restaurant with this person, notice how they treat the waiter/waitress. If they don’t really respect the waiter/waitress, it’s a red flag because it means they only “respect” people that they find useful to them.

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  • There are four date night ideas during the pandemic:

If you are already in a long-term relationship or married to someone after your online dating journey but the pandemic has stopped you from seeing each other, these date night ideas will surely help you:

The pandemic has changed the way people interact with each other. Here are the top 4 best date night ideas during the pandemic – enjoy! 

  1. Zoom dinner date

If you and your partner are not living together because of self-isolation, this is the perfect date night idea. Simply use Zoom and start an online meeting – now you can have a dinner date on Zoom! 

  • Netflix party

Because of the pandemic, Netflix has introduced a new feature that allows 2 people to watch the same movie online at the same time while sending each other messages on the Internet. This is seriously perfect if one of you is in self-isolation.

  • A book club for two people

If both of you are avid readers, the pandemic gives you lots of time to read good books. So, you can start a book club and talk about the book you’ve read on the date night.

  • Slow dance in the living room.

This is the most romantic date night. You and your partner slow dance at home during a slow song such as Darren Hayes’s Insatiable or Savage Garden’s Truly, Madly, Deeply. I’m sure the emotional connection will be stronger after this very romantic date night!

 Online dating involves many aspects of communication and keeping an open mind. For more thoughtful dating advice like this to help you on your international dating journey, sign up with Ukraine Brides Agency!