Online dating: How to break from the fear of failure

The fear of failure is very common amongst ambitious men. We all want to achieve something extraordinary, but at the same time, we know that there are risks obviously involved. This isn’t just about our careers, but also about our love lives, including online dating.

  • Not taking a risk is the biggest risk of all.

If you start a business or join an online dating site, you might fail. But if you don’t even get started, the failure rate is 100%. End of story.

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  • You will break from the fear of failure when the fear of not making it happen is louder.

There are two options: 1) not making it happen; 2) failure – Which option would you choose?

I think a wise man like you would understand that you’d better at least try it first

  • Even if you fail, the world quickly moves on anyway.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this – most businesses don’t succeed, so failure is commonplace in this world. But if you’ve tried your best, you won’t regret a thing. What are you going to lose?

The good news is online dating has a high success rate (higher than a business’s success rate), so you should totally join a dating website and explore the new chapter of your love life.

Being nervous is natural, but remember that there are plenty of tips to improve your approach to online dating on our site!

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  • How to stop caring about what people think of you

Worried about what people think of you? That’s a very common concern because we all want to be liked by others – that’s just human nature. However, if you want to achieve extraordinary success, you have to operate differently – you need to stop caring about what people think of you from now on so that you can live a life true to yourself and fulfill your potential.

Key idea: Play to win vs. Play not to lose

Fear of judgment and criticism usually comes from playing not to lose. This mindset is not the most liberating way to approach life and work. I would argue that winners actually play to win instead of playing not to lose because ironically, you are more likely to encounter whatever you want to avoid – you are constantly thinking about “not to lose”, so the keyword becomes “lose”.

Okay, if you don’t believe that, now you can try not to think about a pink elephant – and then what can you see in your head? A pink elephant!

  • How to stop limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the real reason why some people can’t become a better version of themselves. So, it’s very important to stop limiting beliefs!

  1. Discover new possibilities.

What are you curious about right now? Your curiosity can lead you to something new, something unexpected, and something eye-opening.

Note that I didn’t say “your passion is the key to your success”. Here I’m just saying when you possibly have some limiting beliefs, you should start with your curiosity.

Sometimes you know you probably have some limiting beliefs, but you don’t really know what they actually are. So, exploring your curiosity can become a very enlightening experience.

Let’s say you are curious about how a well-known man achieved success in his career. Now what you need to do is to read his autobiography!

2. Build some new beliefs.

The best way to eliminate an old belief is to create a new belief in your brain. This new, empowering belief will replace the old, limiting belief.

The pandemic gives you more time to relax at home, think about what you want to work on, and learn new things. In this process, you are more likely to find new beliefs that you should have via podcasts, books, documentaries, etc. Couple these learnings with some dependable dating advice from the pros, and you’ll be good to go!

“Are you curious about online dating? Curiosity is very powerful, so it’s time to start your internet dating journey today.”