How Ukrainian Women’s Characteristics and Physical Features Differ from russian Women

Ukraine and Ukrainian Women

Ukraine, located in the Eastern part of Europe, is one of the largest countries on the continent. Its neighboring countries include Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Moldova, and Belarus. The capital city is Kiev, which is also one of the biggest cities in Europe.

The name Ukraine was derived from the Slavic word “kraj” which means land or homeland. The language used in the country is Ukrainian. The country’s ethnic composition is 77 percent Ukrainians, 17 percent russians, 0.5% Crimean Tatar and the remaining 4.9% are from other ethnic groups. Like most Western countries, Ukraine has spring, summer, winter and fall although it has a mostly temperate climate.

While Ukraine boasts numerous beautiful sights and sceneries, this country is also popular for having the most beautiful women in the world. Ukrainian women are some of the most sought after by men all over the world. Not only do they have the most charming and attractive faces, they also possess some admirable qualities that men look for in a  wife. They are proud of their appearance and they know how to take good care of themselves. They also care about the relationships they have with the people who matter the most to them.

Any man would be lucky to be in a committed relationship with a Ukrainian woman because they bring 100 percent to the table. They don’t hold back from the people they love. However, they won’t tell you everything on a first date. You’ll have to be patient and exert some effort in winning their trust. But it will be worth it in the end.

Since a significant percentage of the Ukraine population is composed of russians, Ukrainian and russian ladies are constantly being compared to each other. The two groups of women may share similar qualities and attributes that make them really admirable and attractive, but Ukrainian women have distinct qualities that make them stand out. Learn more about what makes Ukrainian girls wonderfully unique in this article.

Ukrainian Women Physical features

Most people think a typical description of a Ukrainian woman is someone who has brown eyes, and black eyebrows. This image turns out to be obsolete because many of today’s Ukrainian ladies are actually fair-skinned and fair-haired while others have darker hair with green, blue or gray eyes. A majority of women may be Caucasian but it’s safe to say that there are various looks that can be found  in Ukraine. If you are looking at the distinct beauty of Ukrainian women, you will find a good mix of different cultures in the country.

According to some theories, Ukrainian women’s physical features usually depend on their region of origin.

  • Southern anthropological area

Lower Dnipro women. Most people from the southern regions such as Odesa, Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Zaporizhia have dark hair, dark eyes with a sharp nose and long, circular face. They inherit their physical attributes from Turkish nomads and Scythian-Sarmatian tribes. The dark-haired women who belong to this area are not only charming, they are also known for their optimistic, cheerful and positive approach to life.

  • Central anthropological area

Typically fair-haired women. The majority of Ukrainians come from this region. They originated from Kyiv, Poltava, Cherkasy, Kharviv, Sumy and Dnipro regions. Women from these places usually are average height. They also have medium-sized faces, round head, and small eyes and cheekbones. The appearance of these Ukrainian ladies from the central region is known to have “average characteristic” because their ancestors’ bloodline is a  blend of various races and tribes.

Danube type. Danube type is a sub-type of central Ukrainians. Women who belong to this group represent regions such as Vinnytsia, Khmelnitsky and some parts of Ternopil. Their physical characteristics include a long and narrow face, straight nose, dark eyes and fair hair. They inherit these features from their ancestors – the Thracian and Celtic tribes.

  • Northern anthropological area

Polessky and Volyn types. Ukrainians who fall under this group are those with a medieval appearance and look. They inherited their features from the inhabitants of Volyn, Zhytomyr, Rivne, and some parts of Kyiv, Lviv and Ternopil. The Polessky and Volyn types are relatively fair-haired with average height and blue or grey eyes.

Higher Dnipro type.  Women of this group are rare. They are mostly to the north of Chernygiv. Their unique features include light hair and eyes, which are not very typical characteristics of Ukrainian women.

  • Western Anthropological area

Carpathian type. You can meet Carpathian women in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopol and Lviv regions. Their physical characteristics are slightly  different from typical Ukrainians. They are less than average height, narrow and long faces, narrow head and convex nose. Their eyes and hair are also darker than most Ukrainians. Carpathian women are known for being patient and strong in spirit. They are friendly, cheerful and optimistic.

Ukrainian Women Characteristics

It is no secret that Ukrainian women are popular among men anywhere in the world. Along with their irresistible charm and beauty, they are also known for being the best wives and partners. No wonder, they are sought after by men within and even outside of Ukraine.

If you are someone who has dreamt of dating a Ukrainian lady, the first step is to understand their characteristics. So what makes them special?

  1. Physically attractive. For many years, Ukrainian women have been recognized as some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Indeed, Ukrainian girls are undeniably gorgeous. They have such pretty and charming faces that are difficult for any man to resist.
  2. Ideal wife material. Ukrainian women are known for their domesticity. They know how to take good care of their families, that’s why they are believed to make the best wives. They love cooking, maintaining the house and keeping a happy and healthy family life. And they don’t do it for the sake of having it done. This quality is innate in them simply because they love taking good care of their loved ones.
  3. Affectionate. Another positive character that men love about Ukrainian women is their loving and affectionate personalities. They give their all when it comes to their relationships, their families and friends. They are passionate about serving the people who matter to them.
  4. Wise. Ukrainian women are known for their ability to stay in control even in the midst of difficult situations. They are wise decision-makers. They know how to deal with serious problems and get out of challenging situations which make them an ideal life partner.
  5. Intellectual. Beauty isn’t the only thing that Ukrainian girls are known for. They are also known for their high level of intelligence. Most of them pursue a degree to achieve the career they have dreamed of.
  6. Talented. Almost every woman in Ukraine has a creative talent. They know how to sing and dance and also have a good sense of humor.
  7. Family oriented. Ukrainian ladies cherish many old traditions in Ukraine. This includes their respect and love for their parents and families. People of Ukraine have very close-knit family ties. And Ukrainian girls value this more than anything in the world.

Physical features in comparison to russian women

About 17 percent of Ukraine’s population is made up of russians. Therefore, people can’t help but look at Ukrainian and russian women as if they are similar in most ways. While some of their characteristics may be quite close to each other, Ukrainian women are still wonderfully unique in many ways. Let’s take a look at the comparison of Ukrainian women’s physical features to russian women.

  •         They may have a darker skin color compared to Russian women. It is because of the fact that a lot of them have come from the southern part of Ukraine where they inherited traits and characteristics from a mix of different tribes and ancestors.
  •         They also have slightly darker hair color although it still varies. It is also a little difficult to tell a Ukrainian woman apart from a russian woman when you look at their physical features because their genes have been mixed within history.
  •         Ukrainians have a yellowish shade in skin color if you take a closer look. This is from Greeks who colonized the shores around the black sea and were taken over by the Slavs.
  •         More women in Ukraine have darker eyes and hair, while more russian women are blonde and light skinned.
  •         Both groups of women usually wear long and gorgeous hair. They also both look stunning and attractive by nature.

Characteristics in comparison to russian women

If there is one thing we should remember when comparing one person to another, is the fact that we are all unique and different. People may be alike in certain ways, but in the end, no two people are exactly alike. It is the same idea when we compare Ukrainian women with russian women. Both groups of women have character traits that are way different from those who are from other Western cultures. However, their personality traits vary depending on their origin, environment, upbringing and other factors. Take a look at some of their similarities and differences.

  •         Both Ukrainian and russian women are educated and career-oriented.
  •         They both prioritize marriage and family.
  •         They also make good wives because they know how to strike a balance between their personal life and their career life.
  •         They are open-minded. Russians on the other hand can be more conservative when it comes to philosophy or politics.
  •         russian women are viewed as outspoken and straightforward, while Ukrainian women are more likely to be liberal minded and independent.
  •         They are consistent and predictable. Russian women have a reputation for being compulsive and unpredictable.
  •         Ukrainian ladies also expect more in their relationships because they believe that they should get what they deserve. Russian ladies on the other hand seem more compliant, mostly because of their culture and heritage.

Ukrainian and russian women may be alike in many ways but they are also unique and special in other ways. If you wish to date and possibly marry a Ukrainian woman, feel free to refer to this article to get a good idea of the kind of lady you will be marrying. And if you’re looking for the right website for meeting single Ukrainian girls, please visit Ukraine Brides Agency.