How to make a long-distance relationship sustainable

Today I would like to reveal the top secrets to maintain a long-distance relationship. Hopefully you will benefit from the advice in this blog post!

  • Can a long-distance relationship be sustainable?

There are 3 pillars in a relationship: intimacy, emotional connection and a shared blueprint. 

Obviously, in a long-distance relationship, intimacy is absent. Truthfully, a romantic relationship with emotional connection but without intimacy is literally a friendship only. Yet you do not want to friend-zone your girlfriend.

A lot of couples do not have a solid shared vision, so lack of a shared blueprint would make their long-distance relationships much harder.

  • How to make a long-distance relationship actually sustainable:

Firstly, your relationship needs a solid, strong shared blueprint. 

It can be a business that you are going to build with your partner or kids from your relationship. 

Even though you may not want to start a business right now, you might think about something practical and realistic – creating an amazing way of life that you and your lady could share. 

Maybe you are both movie fans, so you could go to the cinema once a week and start a movie reviews podcast. This activity will surely make you look forward to the excitement each week! 

Don’t underestimate the power of anticipation and excitement. By the way, Australian singer Darren Hayes has a movie reviews podcast called We Paid to See This which is absolutely hilarious.

Secondly, you should find a way to move to the same location as soon as possible!

long-distance relationship
  • Working on yourself also benefits your long-distance relationship!

Since you play a key role in your long-distance relationship, you should totally work on yourself. When you are happy, everything becomes a bit easier automatically, right?

Rather than purchasing a gym membership that you almost never use, you would be well-advised to do some exercise in the sun every day. 

Dr Christiane Northrup argues that working out in the sun can help your body and brain to produce more Vitamin D & improve your sleep. 

This is especially true if you do some physical exercise in the sun more than 4 days per week between 6:00am and 8:00am. You will surely feel energized as a result. 

When you are happy, your long-distance relationship is also going to be more healthy.

“Many guys complain about how challenging their love lives are, yet very few guys are willing to invest in their education about female psychology. Don’t be one of them! You should read more books about female psychology and make your knowledge work for you. This is the ultimate international dating advice.”