How to Make a Date with a Ukrainian Woman Remarkable!

I’ve written many articles about how to start a conversation with a Ukrainian woman on a date. I’ve also written a lot of blog posts regarding how to prepare for the first date with a lady. Today, I’d like to write something about how to make a date very, very remarkable. It’s probably something that you’ve never thought of before!

The Primacy Effect

The primacy effect means people remember the beginning of an interaction very clearly and that becomes the cornerstone of the entire interaction. With this in mind, the way you start a conversation with a Ukrainian woman on a date is paramount. ?

I came up with this idea when I was working for a clothing shop where I realized that usually, a sale is not lost in the end; it’s lost at the beginning. Here is what I shared with young staff at that time (interestingly, you will probably also learn a thing or two from the information below):

Using the Primacy Effect

It’s not a good idea to start a conversation with a customer by asking, “How are you?” because the customer’s answer could be “I’m just having a look” which isn’t even the answer to your question, and that becomes awkward. (The reason customers use “I’m just having a look” to respond to “How are you?” is because customers think you use “How are you?” to get something from them – they become defensive.)

Instead, you can start a conversation with a customer by asking, “Hi. Can I help you with anything?” and then the customer says, “No. I’m just having a look.” Now you say something along the lines of, “Today we have 20% off” so that the customer wouldn’t leave quickly – the discount is the bait that keeps the customer interested. Also, phrases like “Today we have 20% off” and “Now we have a sale section here” create a sense of urgency – the customer would probably assume they shouldn’t miss out on the discount which only happens “today” or ”now”.

Apart from the way you initiate a conversation with a customer, the way you present yourself is also important. Hence, you are supposed to wear formal clothes and be presentable at all times when you are at work. (Our young staff have taken notes!)

Apparently, what you wear on a date with a Ukrainian woman is also quite important because your image is a part of the first impression – your fashion has to be right as this is a part of the primacy effect!

The Law of Reciprocity

When you give more, other people also reciprocate more. In business and in life, you can only get what you give. Always make the Ukrainian woman feel that you are here to offer good value on a date.

The Recency Effect

In 2018, I went to New Zealand and met a Japanese girl who told me something that is eye-opening and inspiring –

The salespeople in the most premium department store in Japan double-check whether the size is correct and the security tag is off at the register before putting products into the shopping bag for the customer.

The Japanese do a lot of things that seem unnecessary. But all of this is done as they value precision and perfection. When this is overdone, they are stressed out. But when this is done correctly, they are the most impressive people in the world.

In life, many things seem unnecessary, but they are actually quite meaningful because they change how we feel. Please have a look at some of my thoughts below:

  1. The topping on a cup of coffee – This isn’t really necessary, but when you see the topping is a love heart, you feel better about this coffee shop.
  2. Why do men wear ties?
  3. Why do men use pocket squares?
  4. Why do women wear high heels?

Using the Recency Effect

I remember what that Japanese girl told me and I did exactly that at the register when I was working for the clothing shop:

ME: “Now I’m going to double-check this for you. The size is Large, and the security tag is off, so it’s perfect!”

A customer told me that this is the second time that he saw the salesperson double-check whether the size is correct and if the security tag is off or not. The first time he saw this was when he was in Japan! He thought the most premium department store in Japan was the only place in the world where salespeople do that for customers, but now he feels incredibly impressed here as well.

The recency effect is a cognitive bias in which those items or ideas that came last are remembered more clearly than those that came earlier.

That means double checking if the size is right and the tag is off at the register is all about using the recency effect to create an unforgettable experience for the customer. The customer may or may not remember what I’ve said or what I’ve done exactly, but they will always remember how I’ve made them feel: I genuinely care about them.

Results of Using the Recency Effect

Now you know why customers give me 100% positive feedback. Some customers told me that they want to send emails to the senior manager and tell them about the best experience they’ve ever had. Some customers want to find my manager and tell the manager that I’ve helped them tremendously. All of these happen at the end of the interaction mostly because of the recency effect: The customer already likes me throughout the experience, and what I’ve done at the register makes them feel extremely satisfied with the entire experience – the highlight is the ending of the interaction. (I always end a party at its peak!)

What’s more, when I give the shopping bag to the customer, I don’t stand behind the counter; instead, I usually walk to the other side of the counter and give the shopping bag to the customer with both of my hands – I do exactly what the Japanese do, even though I know our customers don’t expect me to give them the bag with both of my hands. This part of the interaction doesn’t have to look native; it only has to look impressive & being different is being impressive in this scenario.

Using these on your next date!

Similarly, when you are on a date with a Ukrainian woman, you can also end the date at its peak. For instance, if you’ve had lots of humorous conversations throughout the date, at the end of the date you can ask her, “Do you know how to get home? Have you called a taxi?” Now the conversation becomes very serious, so she knows you are a multi-dimensional guy who is able to enjoy life and can take care of her at the same time.

Well, we hope these psychological tips prove to be helpful to you in the near future for your next date with a lovely Ukrainian woman. Remember to stop by our page about dating advice for more insightful input about finding your life partner! Register today on the trusted Ukraine Brides Agency and maybe you’ll meet your special someone with the next click. ?