How to look after yourself & get ready for meeting your Eastern European lady

Often, gurus tell you that you need to pay attention to your diet, exercise, and sleep if you want to have better health. While they are obviously right  I would, however, argue that your mindset and joy are also important, if not more important to your overall health and wellbeing. When you are a happy man, you can meet the right Eastern European lady faster.

  • Rejuvenate yourself.

Do you know what Tom Bilyeu and Kate Northrup have in common? These successful entrepreneurs go to bed before 9 pm every night! Modern science suggests that sleep is more important than diet and exercise because of its tremendous healing effects.

Please try these techniques:

A) Wear glasses that block blue light whenever you’re using a computer or a smartphone – This is paramount because you’re always looking at a computer screen or your smartphone these days & blue light affects the quality of your sleep at night.

B) Use black plastic garbage bags to cover your windows in the bedroom – You have to block all light so you can sleep in a completely dark room. After covering the windows, if you can still see your fingers in front of you, then you have failed. Please note that your skin can receive light when you’re asleep, and when this happens, any light affects the quality of your sleep even if you close your eyes.

  • Be a health-conscious person.

In her book Goddesses Never Age, Dr. Christiane Northrup argues that everybody should avoid two things: sugar and grains. This is especially necessary when sugar and fat are combined (ice cream and chocolate are especially unhealthy choices). The only food that you must eat as much as possible is vegetables.

Here is my philosophy: A health-conscious individual should eat healthy food at least 80% of the time. That is to say, if you eat fish and chips this weekend, please don’t beat yourself up – just enjoy the fun – you know you’ll get back on the right track quickly. 

You don’t have to go to the gym every day to get the exercise you need. In truth, the best exercise is the exercise that you will stick to.

In my opinion, only the exercise that you actually enjoy is sustainable. So, if you like dancing, it’s perfectly fine for you to dance to the music in your living room every morning. Do that for 45 minutes each morning and you’ll notice the difference quickly. Research shows that doing some physical exercise in the morning can also improve the quality of your sleep at night.

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  • The importance of your mindset:

Looking after your mindset is so key because your mindset is the prerequisite to achieving long-term happiness.

Every morning, after doing your workout, you would be well-advised to work on your mindset before doing anything else. That can be reading a chapter of a self-help book. It can also be watching an inspiring video on YouTube. Of course, it’s okay to multitask in the right ways. For example, when you’re commuting, you can listen to a podcast on personal development. Look for sources of inspiration wherever you can! Make this your daily habit, and then your mindset will be taken care of. 

Joy is the most underrated part of everyone’s health and wellbeing. 

In fact, joy is all about having fun and doing what makes you happy. Which activities give you good feelings and positive emotions? Do those activities as frequently as possible because life is short and you’re only here once! Even if you believe in an afterlife, your current life only happens once, right?

Studies have shown that joy/pleasure can condition a person’s emotions. Ultimately, this is the ideal way to rewire your brain, especially if you had some trauma in the past, e.g., childhood trauma.

When you were a child, your limbic brain was open to everything and was absorbing all information around you. If traumatic events happened at that time, your limbic brain would suffer. Note that the limbic brain is responsible for your emotions, memories, and stimulation. Never underestimate the power of emotions because emotions are the biggest motivator in the world.

That also explains why childhood trauma can dramatically affect a person’s long-term health, well-being, and happiness. If you were traumatized when you were young, apart from consulting with a psychologist, you can try this powerful technique: Do something joyful every single day.

Make this a deliberate and conscious practice in your daily life. For instance, when you wake up at 7 am,  do a joyful activity first thing in the morning. If you love singing – you can sing a song in front of the mirror with some background karaoke music. Eastern European ladies are attracted to physically and mentally healthy men. 

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