How to improve the quality of an international relationship

To help you build a better love life, I would like to list several key ideas which will explain how to make your Ukrainian lady happy so that she will want to make you happy, too, thereby creating an amazing relationship together.

  • Are you a good leader?

Women like masculine, powerful, strong and alpha leaders, so the capability to lead in a relationship is so key. For instance, when you meet a woman for the first time and you want to ask her out for a date, do not say this to the lady, “Can we date? Send me a message and let me know which restaurant you would like to go.” Most guys say this because of fear of rejection, so they ask women to text them first. But sadly, when a lady hears that, she will lose interest instantly and be turned off as this guy is literally asking her to contact him first. Likewise, when you are dating a lady already, do not ask her to tell you which coffeehouse you should go to with her for a date. You are supposed to tell your Ukrainian girlfriend what to do and where to go – you should make some plans in advance. 

  • Prioritize personal development.

When you work on your health, your mindset and your career, you become more attractive, for ladies will want to be a part of your amazing life. Therefore, it is paramount to build a wonderful life for yourself in the first place. In terms of your health, you should prioritize sleep, diet and exercise. Remember to eat more vegetables which naturally contain antioxidants – these will keep you youthful!

Health / nutrition coach Shawn Stevenson highly recommends magnesium oil spray –these magnesium products are very beneficial because this kind of natural spray cures insomnia and anxiety in many cases. These days a lot of individuals lack magnesium as each time when people check their email Inbox, they are losing magnesium, which could cause stress and anxiety. Therefore, using topical magnesium is a good way to helps us sleep better and feel better at home and at work.

You also need to avoid burnout. So, you would be well-advised to multitask in the right ways. Let’s say you go to the gym every day. You can listen to an audio book while you are working out in the gym. Or perhaps you have a 1-hour commute from Monday to Friday. You may listen to a podcast on your way to work / home. I know a guy who is married to a Ukrainian lady. He goes to work by bus every single day so as to work for extra 50 minutes in the morning and extra 50 minutes in the afternoon because he brings his laptop with him all the time. That is 8.3 extra hours for him to work on the bus each week!

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  • How to get over fear of rejection:

If you would like to find a job, you have to go to many job interviews. It’s normal for some employers to reject you and it’s also normal for you to turn down certain job offers. Yet at some stage, you will find the right position and the employer gives you the job. That’s a match! Finding a Ukrainian girlfriend is not too different from this process. So, if you are doing things right, you should be rejected by some candidates and you will also reject some potential candidates. With this mindset, dating is very liberating!

“Do not let fear of rejection stop you from doing what you want to achieve.”