How to Detect Fake Dating Profiles & Protect Yourself from Catfishing on Ukraine Dating Websites is all about online dating safety. That’s why I’m going to share our best tips with you about how to protect yourself from catfishing!

Red flag 1: She doesn’t want to have a video/audio chat.

If you are interested in a woman online but she refuses to have a video/audio chat with you, that’s a warning sign because that means she probably isn’t who she says she is.

At Ukraine Brides Agency, we highly encourage everyone to participate in video/audio conversations because we have interviewed every woman in our database and would like you to actually meet ladies via video/audio conversations online.

Red flag 2: Her story does not add up.

If a woman tells you a story about herself but her story doesn’t really make sense, that’s a sign of catfishing.

For instance, if a woman says she is a model who has travelled the world and she will go to your city for a fashion show next week & you live in a small city where fashion shows are non-existent, that’s a huge red flag.

Red flag 3: Her photos aren’t real.

When you are not sure if a woman is who she says she is, make sure that you run a Google reserve-image search on the pictures she uses online. If you see the pictures are linked to another person’s profile online, that means her photos are not real.

Red flag 4: Her life sounds too exciting to be true.

If something sounds too exciting to be true, it’s not true. End of story.

When someone tells you that she has had more exciting activities in one week than you have in one year, you need to question if what she is saying is true or not.

Red flag 5: She tells you one sob story after another.

A normal woman wouldn’t keep telling you sob stories, so when you notice a woman is using sob stories in order to get sympathy from you, you should know it’s a red flag.

Red flag 6: You never receive a casual selfie from her.

If a woman has never sent you a casual, truly in-the-moment selfie, that’s a sign of catfishing as well because most people can easily take photos with their smartphones these days.

Red flag 7: She doesn’t want to meet you in real life.

At, we always encourage men to meet women in real life and we help men to do exactly that. Consequently, if a woman is unwilling to meet you in real life, it’s definitely a big red flag.

Red flag 8: She is happy to make plans with you, yet she always cancels the plans.

Let’s say a woman says she will have a video chat with you on Saturday, but on Friday night, she suddenly cancels the plan – and that keeps happening – chances are she isn’t who she says she is.

Red flag 9: She wants to know a lot about you; however, she doesn’t tell you much about herself.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made a lot of people feel very lonely. As a consequence, loneliness can be taken advantage of easily nowadays. If a woman asks you many probing questions to get your guard down or encourage vulnerability, she probably wants to manipulate the situation, thereby creating a false sense of closeness and intimacy. The warning sign becomes even bigger when she doesn’t offer any personal information about herself.

Red flag 10: She asks for your money.

If a woman asks you for money, it’s a major warning sign.

Remember: Do NOT send money to anyone that you have never met.

Red flag 11: She has some over-the-top behavior.

If a woman is love-bombing you, that’s probably not genuine. She can’t have very strong feelings for you simply by sending text messages to you. That’s not how attraction works. Period.

Red flag 12: If your intuition tells you that something is wrong, it must be wrong.

Please trust your intuition because your intuition is always right. If something feels off, it’s a big warning sign.

The above 12 red flags are the key warning signs of catfishing on Ukraine dating sites. Please be aware of them. We also have other blog posts with insightful and immensely practical dating advice that you are sure to find useful while finding your other half in your international dating journey. Don’t think twice –Register on Ukraine Brides Agency today, and who knows – your true love could be just a click away!