Giuseppe (Olot, Spain) and Irina (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Irina tells her story

Giuseppe and I met on the Ukraine Brides Agency website, on which we registered in search of love… despite our age. Our acquaintance began with correspondence in letters, since neither Giuseppe nor I speak English. Although Giuseppe is very smart, he speaks four languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and German.

From the first lines of letters, we felt interested in each other.

All his letters were fun, witty, and full of emotions! It would take me only one breath to read his letter! I really felt his interest and that he was writing from all his heart and with a great sense of humor and intelligence. We could easily talk about all kinds of topics; discuss everything without fear to be not understood! Exchanging interesting photos, our views on life, concerns about the future and plans for the happy Ever After, we got to know each other better… With every day our feelings grew into something more than just friendship. 

At this point I suggested Giuseppe join me in a video chat to see each other. It was a very exciting moment! I definitely waited for it with anticipation and feared something would go wrong at the same moment! But as soon as we saw each other, the worries dissolved and we understood that expectations built in letters were met!

Giuseppe always kept close track of the situation in Ukraine. I felt his support and concern over my safety and that of my family.

And after the talk in the video, Giuseppe made a suggestion for me to move in with him and start a new life called Love!!!

It was fantastic!!! And it felt so right! I understood that I dreamed of such a man all my life! 

Naturally, I accepted his offer! From that moment I was busy collecting things, buying tickets and getting ready to move my beloved pets too. And here everything worked out just perfect!

The eldest daughter ordered tickets, and I found a wonderful pet carrier… 

Happy  Couple

I can’t say that the trip to my Beloved was easy, but I counted the minutes till the moment we would meet! And, when I saw him in the airport hall, my heart stopped, I left the trolley with suitcases and ran to meet my man, and he ran to meet me, it was like in a movie)))

We hugged and kissed and it was great.

We went home, where a romantic dinner was waiting for me. Giuseppe turned out to be an excellent chef!!! Now we take turns delighting each other with dishes from our national cuisine.

We are a happy family and spend all our time together!

We are engaged in landscape design of the garden, traveling to the country house, and going for walks… Giuseppe shows me his masterpiece corners of Spain and we get great emotions and impressions from the beauties we see. And most importantly, we do this together!

happy couple

When the documents are ready, we plan to get married. And I thank this dating site every moment for giving us the opportunity to meet and become happy!

We wish everyone to dream and let the dreams lead you to your love, to being loved, desired and cherished! It will definitely come true if you give this a chance!

Irina and Giuseppe!!!

happy couple
happy couple
happy couple