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  • On attraction:

Don’t invest in someone based on how much you like that person. Invest in someone based on how much they invest in you. If you start the interaction first, you should invest and test! The principle: Value investment over admiration.

If you find it hard to flirt, please remember to put much less pressure on each interaction. When people freeze up on dates, they come from a place of ‘I need to impress this person’, which makes them stop being themselves and run away. The solution is to practise flirting with more people than you usually would. You have to warm up your muscles regularly to the point where you feel comfortable and can switch on that flirtatious personality whenever you need to because a great candidate could be anywhere! Always lead with your energy. Don’t wait for people to react a certain way. Simply be playful and flirt because you enjoy it, not because you are seeking a reaction from someone else. Do have a quick look at our blog posts for some subtle ways to flirt.

How to be relaxed on the first date: When you focus on the attractive person in front of you, you psyche yourself out and get stuck in your head. But if you just focus on practising your dating skills, trying new things and treating this as a playground where you can learn and mess around, you won’t be so nervous. You might be stuck in an identity of ‘I’m the professional/serious one. I’m not a flirty person.’ – you are lying to yourself because everyone can bring out different sides of themselves – that’s what makes people fascinating and complex characters.

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  • On dating:

How to build massive attraction on the first date: 1) Flirt with this person by being playful and spontaneous. 2) Show that tiny hint more – you actually like this person. This is how you introduce desire to the interaction, e.g., “You look great in yellow.” & “You have very nice dimples when you smile.” 3) Create some challenge by asking questions such as “Can you cook?” and “Are you a city person or a beach person?”

How to keep a relationship exciting in the long term: You are attracted to someone in the long term when you have desire and comfort at the same time. Most people go for comfort only and forget about desire when they are in long-term relationships. But actually, you need parts of someone you know and love, and also parts of someone that always left to discover and explore. Remember: if you are totally predictable, there is nothing fun left to figure out. Therefore, you would be well-advised to keep growing and evolving, so you won’t become 100% predictable. 

There are three places you can be adventurous: 1) Your personality. 2) Your behaviour and actions. 3) Your interests and hobbies. When you add some adventure to your relationship, you always have something interesting to bring to the relationship.

If you are really serious about having a relationship with someone you meet on this real Ukrainian dating site, you need to look at these criteria first: 1) This person needs to be emotionally available. 2) This person needs to want to pursue something serious. 3) This person needs to plan on being with you.

Not every date has to be super exciting. Usually, it’s better to mix in doing everyday stuff with someone on dates, e.g., 1) chilling on the sofa on your laptops; 2) sitting and reading; 3) doing work together; 4) shopping and cooking. You need to test the relationship by seeing if you can actually do regular things together. You shouldn’t have to feel like you must constantly entertain to keep someone excited. That is exhausting. It can’t all be wild adventures and concerts; it’s okay to let go. You don’t have to get an ‘A’ grade for every single date. What truly matters is how things are over time, e.g., if nobody plans anything fun or exciting, that’s a problem.

Chemistry on its own is overrated. Chemistry is a great start, but it doesn’t mean anything without respect and emotional investment

“Set yourself a challenge of having 3 new conversations with people that you meet every day. If dating is important to you, then you must schedule it in as a priority. Otherwise, it will fall by the wayside. Have you started a new conversation on this real Ukrainian dating site?”

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