Dating advice for the shy and the introverted (from our real Ukrainian dating site)

Ukraine Brides Agency is a real Ukrainian dating site that specifically helps men to meet genuine single women in Ukraine. Research shows that a lot of people prefer online dating because they are very shy. If you’re actually a shy dater, this article will give you some solid, practical and helpful advice.

  • Graduated exposure helps you get started in the dating department.

As a shy dater, you probably want to avoid social situations such as parties and events. But I’d like to give you a different and strategic plan:

  1. Go to a social event and stay there for 20 minutes this weekend.
  2. Go to a social event and stay there for 40 minutes next weekend.
  3. Go to a social event and stay there for 1 hour two weeks later.

Another unique plan:

  1. Go to a party and start a conversation with one complete stranger this weekend.
  2. Go to a party and start conversations with two complete strangers next weekend.
  3. Go to a party and start conversations with three complete strangers two weeks later.

In this way, you are using graduated exposure to lower your anxiety and improve your confidence. According to our dating expert from this real Ukrainian dating site, this concept is also known as “layering”, i.e., you deal with one layer at a time, and then you gradually add more layers to what you can handle. After a while, you will be able to handle more and more successfully!

  • The importance of physiology:

Never underestimate the power of external confidence and how you move. These days many people strongly believe that everything starts from the mindset, which isn’t wrong. But I would argue that physiology actually leads psychology in many ways, which means the other direction is also true. Therefore, a person’s behavior and thoughts can influence each other. Let me explain.

Every morning I start my day by dancing to the music in the living room because this activity makes me feel better – physiology directly influences my mood. I like wearing jewelry because when I wear something beautiful, I feel good – external confidence quickly influences internal confidence.

As a result, our dating advisor from this real Ukrainian dating site points out that shy daters would be well-advised to improve their grooming and fashion before joining a dating site because when you change how you look, you also change how you feel. A study shows that an amazing outfit makes you more confident as your external confidence immediately influences your inner confidence, so why not invest in an outstanding outfit (or several perfect outfits)? Don’t buy 10 cheap outfits. Instead, you should buy at least 3 dynamite outfits that can transform your look instantly so you’ll improve your core confidence in record time.

What’s more, it’s paramount to change your posture if you are too shy. Don’t fold your arms and slump. You should stand tall like there’s a light shining brightly on your chest. Sometimes I imagine there’s a sun shining on my chest. Oftentimes I wear a gold necklace that reminds me of the bright light on my chest. It’s a highly effective way to maintain my confidence.

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