A real Ukrainian dating site explains how to tell if a lady is interested in you

Usually, ladies aren’t good at sending out signals to indicate that they are interested in men, so their signals are sometimes misunderstood by men. Our dating coach from this real Ukrainian dating site points out that the only way to find out whether a woman is ready to date you is to talk to her!

  • There is a difference between approaching women and chasing women.

Yes, you should initiate conversations with women – that’s approaching women. However, you shouldn’t chase women: If you start a conversation with a woman and she looks hesitant or uncomfortable / she isn’t even responding to your message online, please drop it because chasing women is actually a waste of time, which makes your feel frustrated and make women feel more uncomfortable. That’s just energy wasted.

  • Why don’t women make a move directly?

According to our dating coach from this real Ukrainian dating site, women don’t make a move directly because they think it’s men’s role to make a move and they want to see if men like them. Some women worry that if they make a move, men won’t value them. 

That being said, it doesn’t mean ladies do nothing to help you approach them. As a matter of fact, ladies usually give you space so you can make a move. Please let me explain.

First of all, if a woman engages with you on the internet, that’s a huge green flag. For instance, while chatting with a lady online, she expresses a genuine interest in your hobbies and interests – that oftentimes means she likes you. 

Second, during conversations online, if a woman connects with you through sharing personal details about her life, that usually means she likes you as well.

Other signals include: a woman replies to your messages fast; she tells you exactly when she will be free; she keeps the conversation with you going.

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  • How to avoid rejection:

If there is a lady that is merely responding to your messages with short 2-3 word text messages or emojis only, that means your job is to engage with this lady online.

When she starts to give you more information than you have asked for, that means she has engaged with you online. Now it’s time to evaluate the quality of her contribution to this connection.

Some women may give short answers at the beginning because they are shy. However, as they become more and more comfortable, they can open up.

A huge green flag is a woman gives information that you didn’t even ask for, e.g., specific details about her personal life, what she is up to, her preferences, and so forth.

Also, if a woman tells you something that may impress you (e.g., her academic achievement at university, a hobby that she is proud of, etc.), that means she wants you to pay attention to her because she likes you!

Don’t forget that the right woman must invest in the conversation; otherwise, she can’t meet your standards.

When a woman has a quality that meets one of your standards, you can say this to her, “I like that you are honest/genuine/diligent…” (you describe the quality that impresses you.)

Now the reason a woman feels chosen is because of the right contribution that she has made in the interaction, not because of the way she looks. Yes, you are a high-value man, so she has to know that you have high standards that she is supposed to meet. 

Dating isn’t about chasing women; it’s about choosing the right woman. When you have this mindset, you can have high-quality conversations which improve your confidence and self-esteem. Meanwhile, this mindset makes you much more attractive as well, according to the dating coach from this real Ukrainian dating site.

“When you realize that you should choose the right woman instead of chasing women, you wouldn’t have fear of rejection because you would have abundance. What’s more, you become a more attractive man!”