8 simple virtual date night ideas

If you are building a romantic relationship with a woman that you’ve met online right now, please consider these simple virtual date night ideas that we’ve summarized for you below.

  • Idea 1: Have a dinner and movie date online together.

These days we can access the internet via smartphones and computers, so it’s easy to stay connected at any time.

If you would like to make the virtual date extremely special, you can have a dinner and movie date night with your partner online. For instance, Caleb and Carmen met each other online and they have a virtual date night once a week. Last week, Caleb invited Carmen to a dinner and movie date night when they cooked dinner while sharing a video chat on Skype, and then they had dinner together via a video chat. After that, they watched a movie together with the video chat on!

  • Idea 2: Read a book together.

If you and your partner are both avid readers, you may read an eBook together. That means both of you need to install the Kindle app on your phones or laptops. But of course, if you have a Kindle device, that is easier.

You may connect with each other via Skype video chat and then read one chapter at a time. Then you discuss what you’ve read! You will surely enjoy intelligent conversations with your partner.

  • Idea 3: Dance together.

You can have a dance party at home while your partner is sharing a video chat with you online.

Please decide whose music you are going to use beforehand!

Create a playlist that both of you like and save that playlist!

  • Idea 4: Have a karaoke party.

There are many karaoke videos on YouTube, so you can download those videos and then sing many songs at home while your partner is watching your performance on Skype!

Of course, your partner can sing some romantic songs for you as well!

  • Idea 5: Have a writing session.

This one is my favorite virtual dating idea because I like writing. If you are keen to write a poem for your partner, you may do it while you are having a video chat on Skype, so that your partner can witness the creative process that you bring to her! 

  • Idea 6: Have a truth-or-dare date night.

If you are more adventurous, you may even have a truth-or-dare adventure with your partner online. You and your partner take turns to do truth and dare, so there is always something to look forward to every minute!

  • Idea 7: Have a cocktail party.

Dress up. Start a video chat with your partner. Make cocktails together according to the recipe that you share online.

  • Idea 8: A walk in nature.

If you prefer something different, you can have a video chat with your partner on the phone while having a walk in nature. Your partner can do the same – she walks in nature and shows you what she can see and experience via video chat.

Hopefully you will try some of these virtual dating ideas.